Bar Thickness:3.5mm  Bar Spacing:3/4 in.
wide:32" deep:23"
Inside Height:50"  Overall Height:66"
2 hard wood perches.
3 stainless steel feeder bowls
4 easy rolling casters.

Opening-top cage easily converts
from a closed cage to an open-top
play area.

Removable play top.


The play top includes: a stainless
steel bowl, a toy hook, a removable
top tray and a hardwood perch.

Swing out feeder doors for easy
feedings.You don't need to put
your hand into the cage any more.


Key-lockable safety latch on the
front door.

A bird's storage cabinet of food.


Removable grate at the bottom can
keep your bird safe inside, also
removable seed tray can help you
clean easily.

Surround seed skirts to help minimize